Our goal  is to make planning your reception as easy as possible..Hand in hand, we walk you through your event. 
Here's how
•In our first consultation we work with you to create "YOUR" event, and make it special to you. We walk you through typical receptions and different spins that other brides and grooms have done. We help you decide on what you want ... and what you don't want. At the end of the meeting you have a very good idea of how your reception will flow. And a timeline of events you can give to your other vendors.
•Online Tracking, as we build your reception we store it all online so you can "tweak" whatever you want before the event.
 •Finalize your plan - The week of your wedding we finalize all of the details and make sure we have everything that you want in a reception. 

 It's time to put all of that hard work in place, here's what you get​:
•We arrive 1-2 hours before your event to allow enough set up time where guests walk into an environment that's ready to receive them.
•We are always professionally dressed.
•We've never had to cancel an event - in over 11 years....EVER.
​•We meet with all of your vendors at the event to make sure we're all on the "same page" 
•We're there to help, whatever it takes to make a smooth event, we do it.
​•We are music masters, we play every crowd from the 20's to the 80's and all ages in between.•We never play or say anything that could be considered inappropriate.
•We are ALWAYS professional with you and your guests, no exceptions.
We are fully insured. 
Phone: Eric Haslag (573) 694 - 6934   


Making That First Dance Last A Lifetime

Lifetime Entertainment wedding dj mobile dj

Lifetime Entertainment Wedding Dj Mobile Dj

For a DJ with over 11 years of wedding experience alone, some of the best equipment on the market, and a proven system of making perfect wedding experiences, we are some of the most affordable in the Missouri area. We invite you to shop around and then give us a call, you'll be glad you did.